Project Description

Strength in Unity

In collaboration with Ryerson University located in downtown Toronto, THA as a community partner for Strength in Unity (SIU), developed a first comprehensive anti-stigma intervention research project among Asian communities in Canada. This was a 3 million dollar project funded by the Movember Foundation.  SIU aims to reduce mental illness stigma in Asian communities by mobilizing Asian youth and men to become Community Mental Health Ambassadors (CMAs) by training them in either Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT) or Contact-based Empowerment Education (CEE). Data was collected pre and post-study to evaluate the effectiveness of both the ACT and CEE interventions.

In particular, we will be working with individuals living with or affected by mental illness, and community leaders from various sectors in piloting and evaluating two anti-stigma interventions.

  1. One of the interventions is aimed at the intrapersonal level and focuses on internalized stigma.
  2. The other intervention has to do with interpersonal levels to facilitate knowledge building about mental health/illness and stigma reduction, and skill development in evidence-uptake to advance practice and policy change.

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