Project Description

Cardiovascular Disease Screening Clinic

THA partnered with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and a multitude of other South Asian organizations to host a successful Screening Clinic for the RBC Foundation South Asian Women’s Health Program. The clinic implemented screening for cardiovascular risk factors including blood pressure, waist circumference and cholesterol in a culturally appropriate environment and as well, having individuals familiar with their language.

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It has been shown that more South Asians, compared to Canadians of European descent, suffer from increased diabetes and heart disease. Also, they show these signs even when they do not appear to be overweight. It is important to develop effective health promotion messages and strategies for South Asians to help reduce their risk of developing heart disease

Dr. Sonia Anand, Professor of Medicine, McMaster University and Chair in Population Health, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada partnered with Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA),  International Medical Health Organization (IMHO), Malvern Family Resource Centre (MFRC), Sri Lankan Canadian Community Services (SLCCS) , Tamil Health Association and Vasantham Tamil Seniors Wellness Centre to host a free Screening Clinic for the RBC Foundation South Asian Women’s Health Program at Scarborough’s Sai Centre on Saturday May 10th 2014.

Without lifestyle changes now, South Asians face up to three times higher rates of living with or dying from heart disease and stroke at an earlier age. The clinic will help South Asians, women in particular, to increase their knowledge of risk factors for heart disease and stroke

South Asians from all diverse South Asian communities are invited to attend the screening clinic. Healthcare professionals and trained personnel will be onsite for the screening tests and to answer questions regarding heart disease and stroke. By learning more about the risk factors, South Asians and their families can improve both health status and quality of life in later years.