Project Description

Healthy Food Program

The Tamil Health Association is 1 of 25 projects funded by the Women’s College Hospital, aimed at enhancing the health of women in our community. The Healthy Food Program was created with the hope of improving the health of families by increasing their access to and use of resources about healthy eating and food preparation. Our goal is to provide the right resources for Tamil women in the community help them prepare their favourite meals using healthier recipes. We still want to enjoy eggplant and chicken curry, but also want it to be healthier by reducing salt and oil content, for example.

The program is focused on women for two reasons:

(1) the funding required that a program be focused on women, and

(2) women are often primarily responsible for meal preparations in the household – though we are aware that this is not always the case, we hope that men will be informally involved in the programs as well.

Quick Tips to Make Healthy Eating Easy!

Think about the following tips when selecting foods from the different food groups!

  1. Include a minimum of 3 Food Groups at every meal.
  2. Select foods that you enjoy eating!
  3. Prepare foods using culturally relevant recipes, spices and methods of cooking!
email us for a full recipe booklet