4 Years of the Tamil Health Association!

In 2013 we set out on a mission to support the Tamil population in the Greater Toronto Area through ground-breaking health research and community outreach. 

Here’s some of our greatest moments

  • Healthy Food Program – We were awarded a $15,000 grant to improve the health of Tamil women by increasing their access and utilization of healthy eating and food preparation resources

  • The Annual Meesai Party – Our Movember campaign addressed men’s mental health and raised prostate cancer awareness

  • Manathil Uruthi Vendum – This event continues to help push the movement forward in raising awareness for mental health in the south Asian community

  • Research, Research and more Research – Ryerson University, SAAAC, ANBU, Heart & Stroke Foundation (to name a few) continue to help us improve the health of our community through research and outreach

The Moment of Change

In the last 2 years we have shifted gears to focus our efforts on conducting innovative health research in the Tamil community, as we have found that this is where the biggest unknowns lie. As we grow and learn more about the Tamil population, community outreach will be our natural next step. For now, it’s all about the research!

What’s to come in 2018

  • NEW We received a $15,000 grant to conduct more research on Tamil mental health and sexual health

  • A study to better understand Tamil demographic and health profile in Toronto

  • NEW Research 101 Workshops for all you young researchers out there

  • NEW Tamil Health Website